Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy Saint Patrick's Day to All!!

How are you celebrating Saint Patrick's Day today? I wish I could say I was reading a book written by an Irish writer or a book about Irish history, but sadly I am not!

If pressed to select my favorite Irish author I'd have to say Bram Stoker, but that's only because I've read his novel Dracula.... In the 8th grade! Obviously, I need help here expanding my realm of awareness when it comes to Irish writers and also with regards to Irish history.

Do you have any suggestions on captivating books by Irish writers I should read or interesting books that pertain to Irish history?


  1. I spent my St Patrick's Day at the World's Greatest Shave event in my area where I got some of my hair shaved off and the rest of it coloured! :D I raised over $100 dollars for research into Lukeamia and blood cancers... a great cause!

    I also went to a community market not far from my parent's house and scored myself 4 plants for my garden transformation for $14.00! A great deal! :D

  2. Sounds like you had a great day!! That's wonderful that you raised money for research into Lukeamia and blood cancers. I've done fundraising walks for both the Arthritis Foundation and Alzheimer's Association here in the USA in recent years to help fund research for both medical conditions.

    It was rainy here in our neck of the woods. We stayed indoors for most of the day, until we went out for dinner this evening.