Friday, March 23, 2012

I'm in a Reading Slump!

I am currently reading three different books right now...  A memoir Paris, My Sweet: A Year in the City of Light (and Dark Chocolate) by Amy Thomas, a philosophy book The Pig That Wants to Be Eaten: 100 Experiments for the Armchair Philosopher by Julian Baggini and a cozy mystery novel Monet Talks by Tamar Myers.

Usually, I focus on reading one book at a time, but I'm having difficulty staying focused on reading this year, which is odd for me. I usually average reading about one book a week, which adds up to about 12 books read by this time of year. I've only read six books this year to date.

It isn't that the books I am currently reading aren't engaging.... They are enjoyable so far. I'm just finding that I am enjoying many other activities at the moment... Like my new found pleasure in blogging! 

I'm positive I'll eventually become captivated with reading once again in the near future... My reading slump has me wondering how many other avid readers in the world also go through reading slumps? How long did your reading slump last and what did you do with your extra time?

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  1. I'm currently enjoying a reading slump. Yes, I said 'enjoying'. I know that sounds really strange for you to read, but seeing I'm not reading as many books this year as I usually get my nose into, I'm finding other things to do.

    Currently, I'm organising my garden. It's been years since I repotted any of my plants, bought any new plants or pots and forever since I bought any new potting mix. So, this week - with the assistance of my Dad's car - I went out to Bunnings and bought up on gardening supplies and kept myself busy with some good, old-fashioned gardening. It felt good to get myself outside, my hands into the dirt and the sun shining on my face for an hour or so.

    Then, I worked a bit on my self-portrait... after I bought some new detailing brushes. These are brushes that are thin, tiny little brushes that help with the details of a painting.
    Since I've had a broken toe to contend with, I've had time to sit and watch a bit of my dvd collection too; some of the unwatched dvds. I've watched two movies and started rewatching the 'Supernatural' seasons 1 - 5. All great and fun... and jeez, are the guys hot and young! :P
    On Tuesday, Dad and I went out JB Hi-Fi and bought a new television for me seeing my HD box spat the dummy for the very last time the night before. It lost all the channels for over 2 hours! How frustrating! So, when I found a JB Hi-Fi voucher for $250 had arrived in the mail from an FM station, I called him to let him know that I may be up there... instead, he offered to take me up there. Once there, he suggested buying a new tv; so we got one, and some cd's and an iTunes card for my iTouch. That's when I bought my brushes and a tub of white paint.

    So, a reading slump really does have a silver lining for me. I find other things to do until my interest in books comes back. And you know? I have begun reading funny books. When I can't read the usual books I get my nose into, I find books by Douglas Adams or other such authors, because the funnier they are, the faster I tend to read them. Or try out short story books; as you don't have to read every single story, just the ones you like. :)