Saturday, October 16, 2021

Wolf Hunt Trilogy by Jeff Strand

Jeff Strand, as a horror author, has been on my radar for quite some time now. I've had several of his novels on my reading wishlist, but haven't read any of his novels until now. 

I finally decided to listen to the unabridged audio version of Jeff Strand's Wolf Hunt Trilogy and narrated by Scott Thomas this month as a way to ease into the Halloween spirit.

I enjoyed this trilogy quite a bit!! The Wolf Hunt trilogy contains nonstop action from start to finish, which never makes for a dull moment... It was always interesting to see what would happen next in the series. 

If you love the idea of werewolves, then the Wolf Hunt trilogy may be right up your alley! But the Wolf Hunt trilogy is more than just werewolves... Meet George and Lou, low level thugs for hire, who's main duty is to transport a werewolf in human form to its final destination in the first installment of Wolf Hunt when things go VERY WRONG for George and Lou early on. George and Lou are great characters! Bad things seem to happen for them routinely. The fun and nonstop action follow George and Lou into the last two novels in the Wolf Hunt trilogy.

Jeff Strand has a wonderful sense of humor and I found myself laughing out lout several times throughout the entire the Wolf Hunt trilogy. The author is also a master for writing dialogue between characters and creating memorable characters.

Additionally, I think I have a new favorite narrator in Scott Thomas!! Kudos to Scott Thomas for bringing the Wolf Hunt trilogy to life. It'll be interesting to learn which other books he narrates.

Lastly, my goal this year was to read five trilogies and I have now completed that reading goal once I finished the Wolf Hunt trilogy!

Below is the summary for Wolf Hunt Trilogy by Jeff Strand from Audible:
All three of the hilariously bloody and action-packed werewolf novels in one collection!

Wolf Hunt - Meet George and Lou, thugs for hire. The kind of intimidating, yet friendly guys who will break your thumbs, but be polite about it. Their latest assignment is to drive across Florida to deliver some precious cargo to a crime lord. The cargo: a man in a cage. Though Ivan seems perfectly human, they’re warned that he is, in fact, a bloodthirsty werewolf.

George and Lou don’t believe in the supernatural, but even if they did, it’s daytime and tonight isn’t the full moon. Their instructions are straightforward: Do not open the cage. Do not reach into the cage. Do not throw anything into the cage. And they don't.

Unfortunately, Ivan doesn’t play by the usual werewolf rules, and the thugs find themselves suddenly responsible for a ferocious escaped beast. One who can transform at will. One who enjoys killing in human form as much as he enjoys killing as a monster.

If George and Lou want to save their careers, dozens of people, and their own lives, they need to recapture him. Because Ivan is in the mood for a murder spree...

Wolf Hunt 2 - George and Lou can't hide out forever, and when they're finally captured, it seems as if George and Lou's ultimate fate will involve being doused in gasoline and set aflame. Instead, they're given a second chance. There's another werewolf out there. This time, it's Ally, a 14-year-old girl.

Of course, this is George and Lou, so there are many, many complications. The worst of which is that they've now enraged three other extremely nasty werewolves...

Wolf Hunt 3 - George and Lou are forced to take a cross-country road trip to kill Asher Anderson, a cloak-wearing lycanthrope who would love to see a war between humans and werewolves.

Does everything go wrong? Of course it does. This is George and Lou, in their weirdest, most deranged adventure yet!
I am giving Wolf Hunt Trilogy by Jeff Strand a rating of 4 stars out of 5 stars.

Until my next post, happy reading!!


  1. Strand does have a great sense of humor! It's what I like about his books. And George and Lou sound like great characters. :)

  2. Horror is not my thing - but others will like it. Cheers

    1. Yes, comedic horror and perfect for scar/funny reading during October for Halloween.