Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Virtual Author Event Featuring Kelly Mustian (The Girls in the Stilt House) and Hosted by the Greece Public Library in New York


Last month, I listened to and reviewed the unabridged audio version of The Girls in the Stilt House by Kelly Mustian. 

I truly enjoyed listening to The Girls in the Stilt House. So, when I discovered that the author, Kelly Mustian, was going to be virtually speaking at the Greece Public Library in New York on Wednesday, October 6th, I decided to attended the event via Zoom.

I'm so glad I attended this virtual author event. Kelly Mustian gave a short reading from her novel, The Girls in the Stilt House, talked about the novel, discussed her writing, and answered questions. 

Since I enjoyed The Girls in the Stilt House so much, I was eager to learn about what Kelly Mustian was currently writing/working on. She is working on another historical fiction novel that sounds delightful!! I look forward to its publication.

Have you attended any author events recently?


  1. I enjoy these events. I recently listened to one from the NYT featuring Richard Powers. It was actually after I had already read his new book, Bewilderment, but it deepened my understanding of it.

    1. I love hearing an author's insight into their writing! It's one of the best things to learn during author events.