Friday, August 13, 2021

Hearts in Darkness (Hearts in Darkness Duet Book 1) by Laura Kaye

Hearts in Darkness (Hearts in Darkness Duet Book 1) by Laura Kaye has been on my reading wishlist for quite a while now. I've heard wonderful things about this novella and its follow up book. So, earlier this month when I found myself in the mood for a short, fun contemporary romance read, Hearts In Darkness fit the bill.

I enjoyed reading the ebook edition of Hearts in Darkness (Hearts in Darkness Duet Book 1) by Laura Kaye very much. In the story for Hearts In Darkness, we find the two main characters, Makenna and Caden, coming into contact with each other for the very first time as Makenna enters an elevator. Before they each have the chance to get a closer look at one another, Makenna and Caden find themselves trapped inside a dark elevator for several hours... Hence, the start of a romantic relationship that most likely would have never happened otherwise!

During the several hours Makenna & Caden are trapped inside the pitch black elevator, we learn more about them through the conversations they have to pass the time waiting to be rescued. What else are two strangers going to do with their time stuck together? We learn a lot about them, including the usual things like each other's name, what they do for a living, etc. But something about being trapped in the dark, inside an enclosed space with a total stranger, breaks down major barriers between Makenna and Caden. They let their guard down and start sharing more and more personal details about themselves that they otherwise probably wouldn't be doing with someone they just met... Mostly likely, they wouldn't have given each other the time of day if they had seen each other before the elevator went pitch black and moved about their daily lives instead.

Long story, Makenna and Caden fall for each other romantically during their time tapped in the elevator. But what will happen when the lights come back on? Will they still feel that same attraction for each other? The answer is yes! But honestly, I liked the interaction between them best during their time spent in the elevator verses their time spent together afterward.

Overall, I liked the plot, characters, and story for Hearts in Darkness (Hearts in Darkness Duet Book 1) by Laura Kaye. Some of the dialogue and plot details didn't ring true, but these factors were only a minor detractor for me.

Below is a summary for Hearts in Darkness (Hearts in Darkness Duet Book 1) by Laura Kaye from Amazon:
Two strangers...

When accountant Makenna James finds herself stranded in a pitch-black elevator, she can’t help but wonder about the stranger stuck with her. All she noticed about him before the lights went out was a dragon tattoo; all she knows now is his sexy, gruff voice in the darkness.

Four hours...

Caden Grayson is inked, pierced, scarred on the inside and out—and terrified of the dark for reasons he’d rather not remember. Trapped in his worst nightmare, only the sweet voice of the red-headed beauty distracts him from his fear. And, oh, man, as the hours pass and the darkness heats up, that’s nothing compared to her touch.

One pitch-black elevator...

He’s all rough edges and she’s pin-striped skirts, but in the darkness they open up and reach out without any preconceptions to hold them back. But as attractions grows and sparks fly, will they feel the same when the lights come back on?

The Hearts in Darkness Duet Continues with LOVE IN THE LIGHT!
I am giving Hearts in Darkness (Hearts in Darkness Duet Book 1) by Laura Kaye a rating of 4 stars out of 5 stars.

Until my next post, happy reading!!

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