Saturday, April 3, 2021

La Conchita by T. C. Boyle


Yes, to finally reading something written by T. C. Boyle!! He's been on my radar for more than a decade now

I listened to the unabridged audio version of La Conchita by T. C. Boyle from Audible, which was narrated by the author. Listening time for La Conchita by T. C. Boyle is 29 minutes.

La Conchita by T. C. Boyle is a short story set along the central coast of California between the cities of Ventura and Carpinteria in the hamlet of La Conchita, California.

For sixteen years, my husband and I lived in Carpinteria, California. The community of La Conchita is nestled between the mountains and the Pacific Ocean just a few minutes south of Carpinteria as you drive along the 101 Freeway southward towards Ventura.

Because I am familiar with La Conchita and the mudslide that hit this small community, I couldn't resist hearing T. C. Boyle read his short story, La Conchita. It's a fun, suspenseful and engaging short story and I am glad I listened to it.

Below is the plot summary for La Conchita by T. C. Boyle from Audible:
Gordon is a delivery driver with a predilection toward road rage, and he's on the most important delivery of his life. In Santa Barbara there's a mother of three on life support waiting for Gordon, waiting for the liver he's transporting from Los Angeles. But there's a mudslide, and cars are being swept away, people being buried in the sludge. And Gordon, who's as far from a hero as they come, has to find a way to get the liver to Santa Barbara.
I am giving La Conchita by T. C. Boyle a rating of 4 stars out of 5 stars!

Until my next post, happy reading!


  1. I've never read Boyle either. Perhaps I should rectify that.

    1. I'm looking forward to reading more of his novels or short stories.

  2. I love T C Boyle! Though he is an excellent short story writer I have mostly read his novels, almost all of them. Excited for your future reading of him. Quite a few of his novels are set in this same area. I went to see him at an author event several years ago and he reads his own writing very well plus was so entertaining!

    1. That would amazing to attend one of his live author events. My hubby and I saw him eating a meal at a restaurant in Santa Barbara near the Andree Clark Bird Refuge... I wanted to say hello, but not while someone is eating a meal. So didn't bother him.