Monday, December 16, 2019

Written In Tandem by Andie Madison

Written In Tandem by Andie Madison is a short contemporary fiction ebook approximately 56 pages in length. It's also the first book in the  'Murder, We Wrote' series.

I was able to download Written In Tandem by Andie Madison to my Kindle for FREE from Amazon. Below is my honest, unbiased review of Written In Tandem by Andie Madison.

Ugh, Written In Tandem by Andie Madison, wasn't for me. I felt like too much of the focus of this short read was all about how much disdain the two leading characters have for each other!! I will not be reading any further books in the 'Murder, We Wrote' series.

Below is the plot summary for Written In Tandem by Andie Madison from Amazon:
Alex Green is the author of a successful book series whose hero, Logan, is every woman’s dream. Ellie Adams is a romantic comedy author who has won the heart of her readers with her witty and funny heroines. When they both find themselves at an impasse, unable to meet their deadlines, Meg, their editor, comes up with an original idea: combine their strengths and dream up the romantic, adventurous couple all readers are bound to fall in love with.
Only problem: Alex and Ellie aren’t exactly fond of each other. She thinks Logan is a heartless hero; he finds her heroines unrealistic. Moreover, he riles her by teasing her about her inability to write an interesting love scene. If they don’t want to lose their readership though, they’ll have to put aside their differences, trust each other, and write their next book together.
I am giving Written In Tandem by Andie Madison a rating of 2 stars out of 5 stars.

Until my next post happy reading!!


  1. Sorry this was so bad. But you are doing a great job of catching up your reviews. I salute you for that!