Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Waiting For Unicorns by Beth Hautala

I do not recall how I discovered Waiting For Unicorns by Beth Hautala, but this coming of age novel landed on my reading wishlist. I purchased a used copy of Waiting For Unicorns by Beth Hautala and read it in November of this year.

I'm so thrilled that I read Waiting For Unicorns by Beth Hautala. It is a children's coming of age story and I found it to be a magical read for me. I love the author's writing and storytelling. The characters are fun and interesting. The best part for me about reading Waiting For Unicorns by Beth Hautala was the main character, 12 year old Talia. We see Talia let go of a recent painful event (her mother's death due to cancer) and learn to open up to second chances with the help of others during her summer stay in Churchill, Canada.

Below is a summary for Waiting For Unicorns by Beth Hautala from Amazon:
A novel about one girl’s journey to the arctic, where she discovers the power of letting go of pain and opening up to second chances.
When twelve-year-old Talia—still reeling from the recent death of her mother—is forced to travel with her emotionally and physically distant whale-researcher father to the Arctic for the summer, she begins to wonder if the broken pieces inside of her will ever begin to heal. Like her jar of wishes, Talia feels bottled up and torn. Everything about life in Churchill feels foreign, including Sura, the traditional Inuit woman whom Talia must live with. But when Sura exposes her to the tradition of storytelling, she unlocks something within Talia that has long since been buried: her ability to hope, to believe again in making wishes come true.
A rich and poignant story about opening up—to new people, to second chances, to moving forward with life.
I am giving Waiting For Unicorns by Beth Hautala a rating of 4 stars out of 5 stars.

Until my next post, happy reading!!


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    1. It is a wonderful read. I've added another book written by the author to my reading wishlist.