Wednesday, October 31, 2018

10 Haunted Libraries in the USA!!

Happy Halloween Everyone!! 

I think I've found a very suitable 
topic for Halloween this year
that will appeal to book 
lovers and library fans alike...
Haunted libraries across the nation!

I found a few websites that feature 
haunted libraries, but I found the following
ten haunted libraries to be one I enjoyed 
reading the most. I would like
to visit these libraries in the future!


  1. How interesting! I noticed all of them are old places. Spooky. ;-)

    1. It's interesting to visit supposed haunted places. I've visited a few places that were supposedly haunted, but never saw or felt anything odd during my visit.

    2. I stayed for a month at a dormitory in a college in Massachusetts that was rumored to be haunted--a headless man was said to hang out about the place. I went to the dorm's basement once to buy a drink from the vending machine and felt like I was being watched, even though I was alone in the basement. It was so uncomfortably spooky that I ran upstairs without the drink. ;-)

    3. Wow, I can't imagine having that happen!! Sounds very spooky.