Monday, October 29, 2018

Little Free Library in Berkeley, California!

Yesterday my husband and I spent the afternoon in Berkeley California. We were there for a variety of reasons and all of them involved having fun!!

Berkeley has a plethora of Little Free Libraries. It seems like you see them everywhere you turn without really trying to seek them out. We discovered six Little Free Libraries just driving around the small area of Berkeley we visited yesterday. 

We found a really cool Little Free Library in North Berkeley up in the hills. We almost missed this Little Free Library because it was sitting in the shade and the dark paint color on its exterior made it difficult to spot as it blended in with the surrounding background (fence and home) painted the same color. I loved the wire artwork attached to the back of this Little Free Library.

I didn't find a book I liked well enough to bring home with me to read though. Next time! 

In the future, I am hoping to bring a stack of read books with me to Berkeley, California to release in various Little Free Libraries around the city. Wouldn't that be a fun adventure?


  1. Yes, that would be a fun adventure.

    1. I've even heard that there are a group of Little Free Libraries in Berkeley spaced so close together that you can make a walking tour of them! I will look into that and perhaps make that my Little Free Library adventure in Berkeley.