Monday, October 1, 2018

Improve Your Reading Retention With These Tips!!

I came across an article on Bustle's website titled, Improve Your Reading Retention With These 7 Tips And Tricks by Sadie Trombetta. In the article, Sadie Trombetta wrote the following: 
While there are some who can retain the details of entire books, stories, and poems, most people have a hard time remembering everything they read. The exact amount each person forgets varies, but studies show that the forgetting curve, as researchers call it, is the most extreme within the first 24 hours. That means, unless you actively work to remember what you’ve read, chances are you’ll forget many of the plot points, characters, and quotes within a single day, after which you’ll forget more and more as more time passes. 
Whether you’re a student who wants to improve your ability to recall book details for examines or essays, or a reader who hopes to improve for the benefit of book club discussions or yourself, here are seven tips and tricks you can follow to improve your memory and reading retention.
Most of the tips seemed like obvious ones... But there were a couple of surprising tips in the article. 

Do you use any of the tips or tricks mentioned in the above article to help retain what you've read?


  1. Yes I use many of those tips. Reading journal with write ups of each book, out loud when the going gets tough, reading buddies in my book clubs. I don't take many notes because it bothers me to stop and do so, but for some books it helps. My other new discovery is to just slow down sometimes, especially on the deeper books I read. I always read before bed but I read in the day time too. As you know, I spend many hours a day reading!

    1. I need to slow down too when reading more thought provoking books.

      I do find it more difficult to read at night as I may be too tired to absorb details or at other times find the reading material too stimulating and I end up wanting to stay up much later to read more pages/chapters.

      So, happy you spend so much time reading per day!!

  2. Oh wow. You know it's funny but sometimes I'll start a book, then don't get back to it for a day or two, and YES I find that I've forgotten stuff I feel like I just read lol. Off to read this article!

    1. Same thing happens to me when I set aside a book for awhile and get back to it... I start forgetting things/details.