Sunday, September 23, 2018

Little Free Library in Santa Cruz, Californa!!

My husband and I headed to Santa Cruz, California last week to celebrate his 50th birthday!! We stayed in Santa Cruz for four nights, five days. We enjoyed staying at an AirBnB located in a residential neighborhood that was located three block from the beach. We loved the beach bungalow we stayed in and enjoyed our visit in Santa Cruz.

While in Santa Cruz, we unexpectedly stumbled upon a Little Free Library on our way to the Cat & Cloud Coffeehouse!! Right next door, to this wonderful little coffeehouse with very friendly staff and fabulous coffee, tea, and treats, is a home with a Little Free Library at the curb. I was able to leave three books inside of this LFL and take two paperback books with me to read at a later date.

Until my next post, happy reading!!


  1. How neat! Cool idea and handy too for people on vacation.

    1. Cool indeed!! I always find it fun to stumble upon Little Free Libraries randomly while doing other activities.

      Usually, I end up finding Little Free Libraries through searching the Little Free Library website. :-)