Friday, September 14, 2018

Which Library Section Are You? (QUIZ)

Every wonder which library section you're most like?? Wonder no further! Take the quiz on Buzzfeed, We Know Which Library Section You’re Most Like Based On These Questions, to find out!

I took the quiz and received the following answer below:

You got: Romance

You love love, and romantic or not, you appreciate all the love you have in your life. You’re a sentimental person, who is not afraid to tell your loved ones how much they mean to you. Maybe stop by the romance section and pick up and novel, or two.

Kind of funny I received the romance section for my answer as I've read so many historical fiction novels this year!


  1. Ha! I got romance too. Odd. Though a large portion of my yearly reading is historical fiction.

    1. Funny that we both read a lot of historical fiction, but ended up with historical fiction for our quiz answers!

  2. OK Lisa and Carmen. On that basis, I am not even going to take the quiz. It seems something is off about it.