Wednesday, November 22, 2017

15 Gifts For True Crime Fans

I love true crime! So when I discovered an article on Bustle's website titled, 15 Gifts For True Crime Fans That Are Sure To Bring Joy To Their Dark, Twisted Hearts by Charlotte Ahlin, I couldn't wait to see which gifts were being recommended for true crime fans. In the article, Charlotte Ahlin wrote the following:
Murders. Mysteries. Forensic science. Readers who love true crime and thrillers just can't get enough. They've already read just about every book on the shelf that has to do with serial killers, spies, and/or tense investigations of gruesome crimes. All they really want for the holidays is to find a severed head in their mailbox and be pulled into a horrifying real life murder adventure—but that might be a little tough to arrange. So here are a few criminally fun gifts for the true crime and thriller lover in your life that are almost as good as solving a real crime.
True crime readers are kind of a subset of mystery book lovers. Except, instead of a cozy armchair read about a murder at a manor house, they prefer an edge-of-your-seat read about real life cannibals and kidnappers. Their perfect night in involves a Jack the Ripper documentary and a psychological thriller novel based on true events. You don't necessarily have to share their obsession with all things disturbing and suspenseful. But you can certainly give them a true crime related gift that'll bring joy to their dark, twisted heart.
The list of 15 gifts for true crime fans does not disappoint. Click on the top link to see which gift giving ideas will make any true crime fan happy this holiday season.


  1. I guess I like my crime in fiction form rather than "true." But I could understand the fascination. Just last night my husband said he would like to read a white collar crime book about some guy who gets busted for laundering money or having a front for a crooked business of some kind. Do you know of any book like that? Husband's birthday is coming up.

    1. Ooo, off hand I do not know of any books about white collar crimes about money laundering... If you had asked me about a true crime book about a serial killer, then I would highly recommend 'The Monster of Florence' by Douglas Preston and Mario Spezi.