Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Ice Cream Book Tag

I discovered the Ice Cream Book Tag  through Alexa Loves Books Vlog (Or is it called a Book Tube Channel on YouTube??) 

Alexa is a blogger I have followed for quite a few years now as she provides really good content on both her blog and vlog! Alexa's YouTube Channel is a lot of fun and regularly features her husband, Macky, as well. 

The above link takes you to the Alexa Loves Books video on YouTube, where Alexa and Macky give their answers to the Ice Cream Book Tag.

I decided to participate in the Ice Cream Book Tag. Read my answers below.


1. Vanilla - A book you wish had more flavor: 

The Exile: An Outlander Graphic Novel by Diana Gabaldon and Hoang Nguyen (Illustrator). I love the 'Outlander' series. So with that said, I was excited to obtain and read the graphic novel, The Exile, as it's told through the point of view of Jamie Fraser (verses Claire in the original series). 

Although, I enjoyed seeing Hoang Nguyen's illustrations (they are beautiful) for The Exile, I didn't think his illustrations looked like what I envisioned the male characters from the 'Outlander' series to look like... In fact, all the male characters look pretty much the same throughout The Exile and were difficult to tell apart throughout this graphic novel. The story/plot were pretty vanilla/watered down compared with an 800+ page novel. 

I felt like The Exile: An Outlander Graphic Novel by Diana Gabaldon and Hoang Nguyen had so much potential, but fell really short on delivering appeal.

2. Chocolate - A long book or an immersive world that you enjoyed indulging in: 

Outlander by Diana Gabaldon fits the bill for this category! At 850 pages, this historical novel deals with time travel and Scottish and English history. It is an amazing and captivating read!!

3. Strawberry - A romance that was super sweet: 

Hazel & Augustus Waters from The Fault In Our Stars by John Green --- These two teens in this novel have a very sweet romance.

4. Ice cream sundae - A book encompassing all the elements you love: 

Again so many novels fit the bill for this one that it is tough to narrow down my answer! I am going to choose a novel I read earlier this year titled, The Roanoke Girls by Amy Engel

This book was an arc that I'd received through Goodreads Giveaways. I'd never read anything by Amy Engel before, so I didn't know what to expect when I began reading this novel. Let's just say that I was blown away by Amy Engel's writing and storytelling! 

Here are a few of the things I liked most about The Roanoke Girls by Amy Engel:

1. Writing style and storytelling are two important key factors in me loving a novel and The Roanoke Girls contains great writing and storytelling. 

2. The characters in The Roanoke Girls are dark, damaged, and flawed (not something I go for or like necessarily). The characters are very well developed and have you wanting to learn more about them as the novel unfolds, which is key for me to liking characters... Characters, whether likable or not, must provoke some sort of strong (and believable enough) reaction to be interesting enough that you want to see what happens to them over the long haul.

3. I like the alternating chapters in this novel told by the various Roanoke Girls with the longest chapters be told through the point of view of the leading character, Lane Roanoke.

5. Milkshake - A book that blends genres:

The Horse Mistress by R. A. Steffan.... This novel blends historical fiction with elements of erotica, paranormal, and lgbt themes altogether in one novel.

6. Sprinkles - A book with a colorful cover:

Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert... This nonfiction book is an awesome read and not just for creative types either. I love Big Magic and highly recommend it.

7. Ice cream cake - A book worthy of a celebration Ice cream cookie sandwich or three scoops on a cone - a book with multiple perspectives:

The Vegetarian by Han Kang is a novel about a woman named Yeong-hye, who essentially goes mad... But The Vegetatian isn't told through Yeong-hye's point of view... It's about Yeong-hye through the point of view of her husband, brother-in-law, and her sister. 

The Vegetarian is a really well written novel. I really enjoyed reading it.

8. Waffle cone - A book you felt compelled to read very quickly: 

So, many books fit this category for me because if it is a book I am really enjoying, then I look forward to finishing it asap!!

Kentucky On The Rocks by Gwendolyn Grace fits the bill on this one!! Gotta love hot, sexy romance reads every so often.

9. Pint - A book you set aside but plan on going back to later:

The Fortune Cookie Chronicles: Adventures in the World of Chinese Food by Jennifer 8 Lee. 

I love Chinese food and nonfiction books about food, so The Fortune Cookie Chronicles is right up my alley... But for some reason I put this book on hold last summer and have not gotten back to it yet. I do look forward to finishing this book at some point though.

10. Your preference - cup or cone? 

CUP most definitely!! I don't want to have to deal with ice cream dripping down the side of my cone and onto my fingers. Plus, if I need to be hands free for a second or two, I can't put the cone down.

11. Your preference - favorite flavor?

Oy, really??? I have to pick one single flavor I love the most?? Are you kidding me?? That's so difficult to do! I love so many different flavors of ice cream.... I love just about anything with chocolate, unless it contains marshmallows, as that's just YUCKY!! Can you tell I am not a Rocky Road fan? Coffee flavored ice cream is really good too. Plus, any ice cream that has crunchy bits in it like cookies or candies like toffee bits are yummy. I also enjoy unique flavors of ice cream like lavender, cardamom, eggnog, pistachio, bubblegum (not mixed together, of course), etc...

But if I had to pick just one flavor of ice cream to live with for the rest of my life, I'd go completely old school and pick Baskin Robbins Chocolate and Peanut Butter Ice Cream.

12. Your preference - toppings? 

It depends on my mood, whether I want a topping or not.

13. Your preference - favorite local ice creamery 

Smitten Ice Cream as this place has unique seasonal flavors you cannot find anywhere else.... Yum!

14. Best shared with friends - who do you tag?

Anyone reading this post who would like to participate in the Ice Cream Book Tag, please consider yourself tagged! Share a link to your Ice Cream Book Tag post in the comment section below as I'd like to read your answers for each section.

I hope you enjoyed reading my answers to the Ice Cream Book Tag! Until my next post, happy reading!


  1. Cool way to look at books. But it got my sweet tooth throbbing!

    1. Thank you for stopping by and leaving me a comment!

  2. I finally managed to do this. Such a lovely challenge and just the right time for it now.

    See here.

    1. I will check out your post soon! Thank you for sharing it with me.