Thursday, November 19, 2015

14 Books About Food That You May Not Have Read Yet!!

Paste Magazine posted an article on their website titled The 14 Best Books About Food That You (Probably) Haven’t Read by John Burdick. In his article, Burdick writes the following:
From blogs to many popular books, food writing is now among America’s favorite forms of leisure reading. Gaining usage as a term in the early 1990s, food writing is now composed of a range of genres—non-fiction, literature, recipes, journalism, memoir, and travelogues among them—that explore the fundamental relationship between people, culture and food. In the past decade alone, the number of books that touch on food in some form have rapidly proliferated, not only in quantity and but also in quality, as many of our nation’s most skilled writers are now taking food as their topic of choice.
Plenty of food enthusiasts can reiterate the arguments of Pollan’s The Omnivore’s Dilemma, have been delighted by the hyper-witty, alcohol-fueled global musings of Anthony Bourdain, or are aware that Eddie Huang’s hip hop-themed culinary memoir Fresh Off the Boat was adapted into a sitcom on ABC. Despite the importance and popularity of these books and subsequent media empires, much of the best writing on food goes unnoticed by the likes of television producers and Oprah’s Book Club. What about the great food texts that do not reach a widespread audience, but truly give us a new way to examine our basic relationship with food in the broadest sense?
I haven't read any of the books listed in the above mentioned article. However, I do have own a copy of Jennifer 8's book, The Fortune Cookie Chronicles, in my 'to be read' pile. I am hoping to read it book before 2015 ends.

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