Thursday, November 5, 2015

Book Festivals For Literary Lovers Across the USA

After attending the phenomenal Bay Area Book Festival earlier this year, I decided to check out which other literary festivals around the United States would be worthy of a visit. 

To my surprise, I discovered an article on Bustle's website titled 10 Book Festivals For Literary-Lovers Across The United States by Stephanie Topacio Long... And to my delight, the Bay Area Book Festival made the list of 10 book festivals for literary lovers across the USA!! I also discovered 9 other book festival that I would love to attend as well, especially the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books.

Have you been to any book festivals here in the United States? If so, share your experience! As I mentioned above, I attended the Bay Area Book Festival in June of this year. I blogged about my experience at this book festival. Click on the following link to read about my visit to the 2015 Bay Area Book Festival.

Until my next post, happy reading!!


  1. I've been to the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, if you ever get the chance I definitely would recommend it. I try to go every year but in the end it's all about the authors for me. It has to be someone I'm dying to meet, or I might just skip it.
    There's always so much to do though, nowadays I just go alone because I don't want to have to drag anyone along, but it's always a great day.
    I also did YallWest this year (the west coast version of Yallfest), The scheduling was a little weird I had about an hour or so to kill mid afternoon since there wasn't any signings I was interested in or panels. It was like everything stopped, but besides that it was such a great time.

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books. I had the opportunity to go there a few times, but passed it up only because traffic and parking seemed like it would be a hassle at the time.

      One of the perks of going to the Bay Area Book Festival earlier this year was being able to take BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) to and from this event and not have to deal with parking and traffic. I wish that the LA area had better public transportation for commuters.

      YallWest sounds like a cool event. :-)