Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Take A Vacation, Become A Bookseller!!

Lol, have you ever wanted to become a bookseller?? Well now you can take a vacation to Scotland and become a bookseller for a week through AirBnB! Check out Alex Heimbach's article on Bustle titled Best AirBnB Listing Ever Lets You Become A Bookseller For A Week. In her article, Alex Heimbach writes:
There's a new vacation option for bibliophiles that may replace Jane Austen tours and the Harry Potter theme park in your holiday fantasies. You can now live for a week above a bookshop — and run the place yourself. Located in Wigtown, Scotland's national book town, The Open Book welcomes travelers who want to spend a week selling books, provides training from local booksellers, and offers the chance to inject your own personal style with book displays and special events. Each resident is also invited to write about their experiences on the Open Book's blog.

Though newly listed on AirBnB, The Book Shop holiday has been up and running for almost a year under the guardianship of the Wigtown Book Festival, which leases the store from a local family. "It can be a hard life, selling books in a small town, so it’s not a holiday for everybody," says Adrian Turpin, director of the book festival. But so far, the guests, who've ranged from retired American booksellers to English artists to the Bookshop Band, have raved about their experiences.
This sounds like an awesome experience!! Sign me up!! 

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