Monday, September 21, 2015

Bookshop Santa Cruz in Santa Cruz, California

Indie Bookstore Here I Come!!
I enjoy visiting independent bookstores as frequently as I can!! This past weekend, my hubby and I visited Santa Cruz, California to celebrate his birthday.

During our time spent in downtown Santa Cruz, we happened upon an independent bookstore called Bookshop Santa Cruz... Well, I couldn't resist perusing this bookstore with my hubby. I'm happy that he enjoys visiting bookstores as much as I do.

I am so thrilled that we stumbled upon the Bookshop Santa Cruz during our visit to Santa Cruz, California, as it's an amazing bookstore!! The Bookshop Santa Cruz is a lot larger on the inside than one would imagine it to be when looking at it from their outside entrance on Pacific Avenue.

So, what did I like about Bookshop Santa Cruz?? Just about everything!! 

*I liked the size and layout of this indie bookstore. 
* Plus there is plenty of areas to sit and enjoy reading books or periodicals.
Bookshop Santa Cruz
* The periodical section is wonderful... As a knitter, I enjoyed the wide variety of knitting magazines on hand for purchase.
* I liked seeing all the staff book recommendations scattered throughout the bookstore.
* I like that used books are sold in addition to new books.
* Bookshop Santa Cruz also buys used books.
* I enjoyed seeing a section devoted to local authors.
* Lots of sale books.
* Author events.
* Book Publishing services.
* Plus so much more!! See link above to visit the Bookshop Santa Cruz website for more details about their bookstore.

I hope to visit the Bookshop Santa Cruz again in the not so distant future. 

Until my next visit, happy reading!!


  1. How wonderful! I haven't been to Santa Cruz in years. Now I have a good excuse to go :)

    1. Logos Bookstore is also a wonderful indie bookstore to visit in Santa Cruz and is located right down the street from the Bookshop Santa Cruz!! Here's my review of Logos Bookstore:

    2. Looks like there's a future field trip in store for me :D

    3. Santa Cruz is a fun and funky place to visit in general.