Wednesday, September 9, 2015

First Public Library Biotech Lab Opens in San Diego, California

Do you love science? Then check out the first public library biotech lab to open in San Diego, California!! 

I first learned about this new library from the Library Jornal website in an article titled San Diego Opens First Public Library Biotech Lab by Lisa Peet. In the article, Lisa Peet writes:
The world’s first biotech lab in a public librarycelebrated its grand opening September 1 in the La Jolla-Riford Branch Library of the San Diego Public Library (SDPL). The Bio Lab is part of the library’s Life Science Collaboratory, which has hosed a variety of classes and talks from visiting scientists since it opened its doors in April. The Bio Lab, however, promises to take Collaboratory’s citizen science mission a step further.
Outfitted with used and donated equipment from local sources, the Bio Lab meets Basic Safety Level (BSL) 1 standards, the equivalent of a high school laboratory. It currently offers microscopes, centrifuges, DNA copying machines, electrophoresis gel boxes, a vortex mixer, and other basic molecular biology equipment, as well as access to the branch’s 3-D printer lab and a 50-person classroom. Drawing on San Diego’s thriving biotech community, the Collaboratory has assembled an enthusiastic volunteer staff to helps lead demos, lectures, workshops, and hands-on participation for users of all ages.
All-ages workshops are held monthly, as is a lecture aimed at adults. Workshops, offered by volunteers from the Wet Lab, a local citizen science facility, have included lessons in DNA extraction using a strawberry; lectures have covered topics such as the sensory system of sharks and rays, alternative energy sources, the intestinal parasites Giardia lamblia, and gene splicing.
After reading this article, I now want to visit the biotech lab in San Diego. Public libraries are awesome! Click on the top link to read the full story!  


  1. Oooh! Looks like there's a future trip in store!

    1. I am very curious about visiting this library as well. It sound very educational.