Monday, September 30, 2013

Heat and Santa Fe Rules by Stuart Woods

Abridged Audio CDs
Heat & Santa Fe Rules by Stuart Woods is my first encounter with anything written by Stuart Woods.

I really enjoyed listening to both Santa Fe Rules and Heat as each story was captivating from start to finish... Although I must admit that I enjoyed listening to Santa Fe Rules more than Heat. Both novels fall into the thriller/mystery genre, which is one of my favorite genres to read.

Here is a synopsis of Heat and Santa Fe Rules from Amazon.Com's website:
Santa Fe Rules: When successful Hollywood producer Wolf Willett reads in The New York Times of his own murder back home in Santa Fe, he wonders how the murderer will react to this obvious case of mistaken identity. Home again, Wolf is immediately pegged as the chief suspect and, with everything at stake, hires the best criminal defense attorney in the Southwest. With his life and career in shambles, Wolf sets out to find the truth . . . but will time run out before he can puzzle his way through an elaborate web of intrigue and identify a killer who doesn't play by Santa Fe rules?

Heat: Jesse Warden is at the end of his rope. Imprisoned for the wrong crime, he spends half his time in solitary confinement and the other half fighting for his life because he once was a cop. Then a covert federal agency offers him a chance to get out, for a price. To gain his freedom, he must infiltrate a dangerous and reclusive religious cult in the mountains of the Idaho panhandle, a mission which turns out to be a great deal more perilous than his stay in prison.
I also felt that Tony Roberts does an excellent job of reading both Heat and Santa Fe Rules.

 Until my next post, happy reading!!

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