Friday, September 6, 2013

Another Captivated Reader!

Instead of typing in my blog's url in the appropriate space, I typed the name of my blog inside Google's search box... The search results showed my blog, 'Captivated Reader', in the top spot. :-)

However, a couple of spots below the name of my blog, I also noticed that a video had been posted to YouTube called 'Captivated Reader'. Intrigued by the video's name, I watched the 35 second video, which features a youngster reading a book while walking through his school's hallway. This youngster must be an avid reader and very much captivated by what he was reading. :-)

I'm always excited when the young folks of today discover a love of reading!! Reading books, newspapers, and magazines are a way to acquire knowledge and also a way to be entertained! Promoting the love of reading in people of all ages is a good thing. 

Being captivated by a book is one of my favorite things!! Which books have you been captivated by lately?

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