Monday, September 2, 2013

Do you prefer shopping at big chain bookstores or independent bookstores?

I shop for books in a variety of ways... Simply put, I love to shop for books in a wide variety of ways. The entire book shopping experience can come in many forms to suit my needs at any given moment. 

I like browsing and shopping for books at both large chain bookstores and also at independent bookstores. I also enjoy both experiences for different reasons. 

Large chain bookstores, like Barnes & Noble, are found in most larger towns and cities and they provide the predictable kind of shopping experience one comes to know and expect... There is also some comfort in predictability. 

However, independent bookstores offer variety, fun, and adventure for me in my shopping experience that chain bookstores just can't meet. Each independent bookstore is unique in its own way from their size, store layout, decor, service, and so on. Independent stores have their own unique personality. Visiting independent bookstores are like meeting and making new friends.

I tend to enjoy shopping at independent bookstores slightly more than I do large chain bookstores, because of their unique personality and because I enjoy supporting local businesses and small business owners. 

Each type of bookstore has its own perks and features, whether its an independent bookstore or a large chain bookstore. I'll continue shopping and supporting both types of bookstores. 

Which type of bookstore do you like to shop at for books, chain bookstores or independent bookstores?

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