Sunday, September 1, 2013

Alabama State Senator, Bill Holtzclaw, Wants a Toni Morrison Book Banned From High Reading Lists!

I read a USA Today article titled Lawmaker wants Morrison book off Ala. reading list by Melanie Eversley. In her article, Eversley writes:
An Alabama state senator is pushing to remove the first novel of Nobel and Pulitzer winner Toni Morrison from state reading lists on the grounds that its content and language are "objectionable."

State Sen. Bill Holtzclaw, a Republican, wants The Bluest Eye pulled from high school reading lists, and says he also would support pulling it from high school libraries, according to the Alabama Media Group.

I completely object to the idea of having this novel pulled from high school reading lists. Let teachers do their job of teaching students. There must be a good reason this book was selected as a teaching tool. Morrison is a distinguished writer and has the honor of winning a Nobel and Pulitzer, so let students read her novels.

Fight censorship! Let people read books!

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