Monday, March 20, 2017

Imperfect Chemistry (Imperfect #1) by Mary Frame

Unabridged Audio Version
I listened to the unabridged audio version of Imperfect Chemistry (Imperfect #1) by Mary Frame from Audible and narrated by Rhiannon Angell.

Listening time for Imperfect Chemistry (Imperfect #1) by Mary Frame is 6 hours, 37 minutes.

I really enjoyed listening to Imperfect Chemistry (Imperfect #1)!! It is a marvelous novel. I enjoyed the storyline very much. All of the main characters are fun and well developed. I especially enjoyed reading about the leading character Lucy London... She's a genius and also socially awkward. We see Lucy transform from a socially awkward geek girl to someone who is more at ease in social interactions and also gains friends and a boyfriend by the end of the novel. 

There are many funny scenes in Imperfect Chemistry (Imperfect #1) that had me laughing out loud in several parts... I rarely find myself laughing with glee while reading novels, so was happy to find a novel filled with some humorous scenes.

Rhiannon Angell is a good narrator for Imperfect Chemistry (Imperfect #1), which only added another dimension to my listening enjoyment.

The following is a plot summary for Imperfect Chemistry (Imperfect #1) by Mary Frame from Audible:
Lucy London puts the word genius to shame. Having obtained her PhD in microbiology by the age of 20, she's amassed a wealth of knowledge, but one subject still eludes her - people. The pendulum of passions experienced by those around her confuses and intrigues her, so when she's offered a grant to study emotion as a pathogen, she jumps on the opportunity.
Enter Jensen Walker, Lucy's neighbor and the one person she finds appealing. Jensen's life is the stuff of campus legend: messy, emotional, and complicated. Basically, the perfect starting point for Lucy's study. When her tenaciousness wears him down and he consents to help her, sparks fly. To her surprise, Lucy finds herself battling with her own emotions, as foreign as they are intense. With the clock ticking on her deadline, Lucy must decide what's more important: analyzing her passions...or giving in to them?
I highly recommend reading Imperfect Chemistry (Imperfect #1) by Mary Frame. I look forward to reading other novels in the 'Imperfect' series in the future. I am giving Imperfect Chemistry (Imperfect #1) by Mary Frame a rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 stars.

Until my next post, happy reading!!


  1. Thank you sooo much for reading and reviewing!! I am so glad you enjoyed Lucy's story, she was so much fun to write :) Rhiannon did such a great job, I was so happy I found her!!

    Thank you again!!

    1. Thank you for stopping by and leaving me a comment!!