Thursday, August 25, 2016

Books to Read For Foodies!

I haven't read tons of books about food... But most of the books I have read about food have been really good. One food related book that I enjoyed reading last year was The Story of Sushi: An Unlikely Saga of Raw Fish and Rice by Trevor Corson

I love sushi, so reading about the history of sushi was insightful for me and gave me a new appreciation into the world of sushi. I learned a lot from reading The Story of Sushi by Trevor Corson. For instance, I learned the following information from reading The Story of Sushi:
* "The Japanese believe eel meat to be an aphrodisiac." Page 226* Bluefin tuna are the fastest fish in the sea and can swim 50mph. If they swim too slowly, they'll suffocate. They are also warm blooded and can also weigh up to 1,500 pounds.* "The modern term for "sushi" refers not to fish, but to rice -- rice seasoned with rice vinegar, sugar, and salt. Any food made with this seasoned rice can be called sushi, whether it involves fish." Page 27* "In Japan alone, farmers have cultivated at least 2,000 varieties of rice." Page 38* The California Roll "was invented in L. A.'s Little Tokyo in the late 1960s, at Tokyo Kaikan, one of the first restaurants to open a sushi bar, and premier Japanese eatery in L. A. The California rolls' inventor was a chef there named Ichir Mashita." Page 81
Anyway, I read an article on Bustle's website titled, 11 Must-Read Books For Foodies Who Love To Read Deliciously by Alex Weiss. Fascinated by the title of the article, I decided to read it. In the the article, Alex Weiss writes the following:
One night, over a beautiful Italian dinner, my partner asked me, "So, what exactly is a foodie?" I — as someone who adores food and has been known to obsessively snap photos of my dishes and drinks — quickly explained it's really just someone who has a particular interest in food. Definitions may vary, but it really comes down to one thing: a foodie someone who eagerly explores food. One of the best ways to explore food (other than by eating it) is by reading one of these 11 new books for foodies.
I haven't read any of the "foodie" titles mentioned in the article Alex Weiss has written, but a few of the titles have captured my interest, so I'll be adding them to my ever growing reading wish list. Click on the second link from the top to discover which "foodie" books made the list!

Which books about food have you enjoyed reading?

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