Thursday, April 7, 2016

Graveyards To Visit During Your Literary Travels

Alright, I must admit that visiting cemeteries has never been a tourist destination/attraction for me... But I'm beginning to rethink the idea after reading an article posted on Bustle titled 10 Bookish Graveyards To Visit During Your Literary Travels by Alex Weiss. In the article, Weiss writes:
When you're traveling abroad or within your very own state, there's plenty to explore on your vacation. While art museums, top-notch restaurants, and unique shopping spots take over the top of your travel to-do list, I'd bet cemeteries hardly ever make the cut. You're probably thinking — Well, yeah, why would they? I get it, cemeteries are creepy and it's not like you want to spend your limited time in a new place among the dead, but I have the feeling that idea might just change.
Graveyards are quiet, for one, and they're historic. You can learn a lot aboutthe history of a town by its main graveyard. As the book nerd and writer that I am, I'm sort of fascinated by them. Sure, they can be spooky, but they're also filled with neat facts, gorgeous gardens, and famous dead authors. If you love books more than the average person, then you probably got a little excited about that last point, too.

Wherever you travel to next, make sure to scope out the best places to eat and things to see, but don't forget about looking up the graveyards, too. You might just find out that you're within a walking distance to Oscar Wilde's kissed gravestone, or Shakespeare's unique burial site.
Click on the top link to see the ten graveyards to visit that were mentioned in Alex Weiss's article.

Until my next post, happy reading!!

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