Sunday, April 24, 2016

Canetti's Bookshop in Orinda, California

Earlier today, my hubby and I enjoyed visiting an independent bookstore in Orinda, California called Canetti's Bookshop. Canetti's Bookshop is a cute and charming used bookstore filled with a wonderful selection of books for sale.

We encountered a friendly staff member on hand during our visit... Plus, we saw a very cute cat sleeping inside Canetti'e Bookshop!! This must mean that Canetti's has a cute cat for a mascot. Gotta love animal mascots at bookstores for sure. I look forward to a return visit to Canetti's Bookshop for my book needs.

Have you visited any good independent bookstores lately?

Until my next post, happy reading!


  1. I love used book stores! They're one of my favorite things on Earth. And I so love that they have a cat in the store. Books and cats are a perfect combo!

    1. Used bookstores have quickly become one of my favorite bookstores too as I don't like paying full price for books.

      Bookstore mascots are always fun to see while visiting a bookstore... I've seen mostly cats as mascots at bookstores, but I've also seen a dog or two as mascots too.