Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Russian's Stubborn Lover by Leslie North

I recently read the eBook version of The Russian's Stubborn Lover by Leslie North. This is a novella approximately 117 pages in length. I was able to download this novella for free to my Kindle and read it within a couple of hours or so. Below is my honest review of The Russian's Stubborn Lover by Leslie North.

I really enjoy reading novellas because they are the perfect way to become acquainted with new authors and/or new genres. In this case, Leslie North is a new to me author.

I was initially attracted to The Russian's Stubborn Lover by Leslie North because I liked that it is romance novella and is set in Russia... Being a free novella didn't hurt either!

The Russian's Stubborn Lover by Leslie North is the first in the 
The Fedosov Family Series. It is a quick and predictable read filled with likable characters. 

I felt that the characters and storyline of The Russian's Stubborn Lover were not well developed enough for my tastes. It would have been more satisfying to see the romantic relationship between Julia and Demitry build over time, instead of the near 'instant relationship' that they developed in this short length novella. I would have also enjoyed more exciting erotica scenes than the one and only one that was touched upon in this novella. 

The ending of The Russian's Stubborn Lover was abrupt. I dislike cliffhanger endings!! I wanted to see Julia and Demitry become engaged by the end of The Russian's Stubborn Lover. I also wanted to see another pesky co-worker of Julia's get his comeuppance, but that never happened in The Russian's Stubborn Lover either!

The following is a summary for The Russian's Stubborn Lover by Leslie North from Amazon's website:
The Fedosov Family was all business until Julia Thompson came along.

After meeting in a nightclub in America and sharing a passionate kiss, Julia was the last person Demitry Fedosov expected to see in his boardroom back in Russia - especially after she turned down his advances.

Julia has never been one to let others push her around. She didn’t need the complication of a relationship with Demitry, now or in the future. After being sent to Russia on an exchange trip, she was his employee and he was her boss. End of story. Yet she can't stop thinking about his deep gray eyes and the way his 6'6" figure dwarfs her. She feels such an attraction to him, but she knows she must fight it.

Demitry is business orientated, reserved, always following in his father’s footsteps and way too serious most of the time. He was not used to having women in his business world unless they were secretaries. Julia has made it clear she doesn't want a relationship with Demitry but he can't hold back the feelings he gets when she is around. She was so different to Russian women, and winning her over is turning out to be more challenging than any business deal.

The American woman pushed all his buttons, and when his brother, Alexey, starts to flirt with her Demitry feels an overwhelming urge to stake his claim.
I am giving The Russian's Stubborn Lover by Leslie North a rating of 3 stars out of 5 stars.

Until my next post, happy reading!!

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