Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Hot Target (Troubleshooters Series #8) by Suzanne Brockmann

Abridged Audio Version
I recently listened to the abridged audio version of Hot Target (Troubleshooters Series #8) by Suzanne Brockmann and narrated by Melanie Ewbank and Patrick Lawlor. 

I really liked Hot Target more than I thought I would. It was the first novel I've read or rather listened to by Suzanne Brockman, so I wasn't sure what to expect from her writing. The storyline and characters of Hot Target sounded interesting, so I decided to give it a shot. 

I really enjoyed the well developed, likable characters in Hot Target, especially the main characters of producer Jane Chadwick, her brother, Robin Chadwick, FBI Agent Jules Cassidy, and Navy Seal Cosmo Richter. The storyline of Hot Target is also very good one... It's fun, entertaining, and engaging!! I must say that Suzanne Brockmann is quite a good writer and wouldn't mind reading another novel by Suzanne Brockmann in the Troubleshooters Series.

I'm not sure that I liked listening to two narrators for this novel. I think sticking to one narrator would have been perfectly fine. As far as narrators go, I thought Melanie Ewbanks was alright -- Not good, nor bad, just middle of the road. As far as Patrick Lawlor goes, I initially thought he narration for Hot Target too fast, but eventually his narration grew on me and I eventually liked his narration of Hot Target quite a bit.

The following is a book summary for Hot Target from the the Amazon website:
Known for her adrenaline-laced Navy SEAL romances, Brockmann displays a new, more political side in this brisk but bumpy romantic thriller, which advocates gay rights. Though the book follows the exploits of sexy, silent Cosmo Richter, the man of mystery from Brockmann's earlier romances (Gone Too Far, etc.), Cosmo must share the limelight with Jules Cassidy, a gay FBI agent and also a recurring character in Brockmann's books. Both Cosmo and Jules are charged with safeguarding hot Hollywood producer Jane Chadwick, who has come under fire (literally) for making a movie dealing with two gay war heroes. A few contrived plot twists find Cosmo and Jane initially butting heads, then coming together as friends and finally burning up the sheets as lovers. More compelling is Jules's struggle to stay away from his egocentric ex, an actor who conveniently lands a starring role in Jane's film, and from Jane's brother Robin, who's so deep in the closet that he has turned to drink. At times, Brockmann goes too far in pushing her agenda—even Cosmo is a card-carrying member of PFLAG who, thanks to his gay father, "can name every Barbara Streisand album ever made"—and readers won't need second sight to foresee the story's twists. Still, Brockmann's uncanny ability to give each character an authentic voice and dialogue to match will pull readers through this shaky installment.

I'm giving Hot Target by Suzanne Brockmann a rating of 9 stars out of 10 stars.

Until my next post, happy reading!! 


  1. Having two narrators could be a hit or a miss. I enjoy multiple narrators more if it's dramatized.

    I never heard of this book but the fact that you said that it's exhilarating makes me want to search my library to see if they have it.

    1. It'll be fun to check out other novels in the series at some point for me... I'm not sure when that will be exactly as I am rather overwhelmed with my overflowing to be read piles!!