Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Novelty Maker by Sasha L. Miller

I read the ebook version of The Novelty Maker by Sasha L. Miller last Saturday in a less than two hours. The Novelty Maker is 53 pages in length and it made for a fun, quick LGBTQ themed steampunk read.

I downloaded this ebook for free from Amazon and below is my honest review of The Novelty Maker by Sasha L. Miller

First off, let me add that I am pretty new to the steampunk genre and haven't read all that many books, novellas, or short stories from this genre. With that said, I'd say that The Novelty Maker is my favorite steampunk read to date. I really enjoyed Sasha L. Miller's writing, her storytelling, the characters and the story itself when it came to The Novelty Maker. This is a fun romance read. I hope you decide to read it for yourself.

The following is a summary of The Novelty Maker by Sasha L. Miller from Amazon's website:
As often as he can possibly manage, Cole slips away from the parties and teas inflicted upon him by his mother to visit Harlowe, the brilliant, mercurial novelty maker he met several months ago when commissioning a piece for his mother. Overwhelmed with work, and preferring to avoid people, Harlowe is not an easy person to know, and Cole values too much their hard-won friendship to ever risk it by telling Harlowe of his true feelings. Then Harlowe begins to receive letters from a secret admirer …
Note that this book is a free read offered by Less Than Three Press. We are working to price match this book to the $0.00 price offered at other retail locations. All proceeds from this book before Amazon matches the price will be donated to The Point Foundation, an LGBT scholarship foundation that provides financial support to at-risk gay and lesbian students.
I'm giving The Novelty Maker by Sasha L. Miller a rating of 7 stars out of 10 stars.

Until my next post, happy reading!! 

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