Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Murdering the Roses by Cindy Bell

Cozy Mystery Novella
I love reading cozy mystery novels and novellas! So, when I came across the free eBook version of Murdering the Roses by Cindy Bell on Amazon, I downloaded it to my Kindle immediately. Murdering the Roses is the first book in the Heavenly Highland Inn Cozy Mystery series and it is approximately 131 pages in length. Below is my honest opinion/review of Murdering the Roses by Cindy Bell.

I thought Murdering the Roses by Cindy Bell wasn't all that great. In fact, it was just an okay read. It was pretty easy to predict who the victim was going to be and who the murderer was early on in this novella. The sheriff is an idiot and a know it all... No law enforcement personnel would be that rude and unprofessional as the sheriff is in this novella. The leading character, Vicky, and her eccentric, Aunt Ida, get themselves into some sticky situations and could have easily gotten themselves killed... As a side note, Aunt Ida is a really annoying character. Murdering the Roses just didn't do much to wow me. I will NOT be reading any of the other titles in the Heavenly Highland Inn Cozy Mystery series.

The following is a book summary for Murdering the Roses by Cindy Bell from Amazon's website:
Everything is finally starting to come together for Vicky. She is moving on from the tragic death of her parents four years ago. There is hope of a romantic relationship with handsome Deputy Sheriff Mitchell Slate and she is enjoying running the grand, old inn with her sister and her Aunt Ida.

But then, Vicky finds the murdered body of the inn’s gardener. The inn has a wedding booked for the weekend so her wacky Aunt Ida ropes her into investigating the murder. It is a race against the clock to solve the murder so the wedding can go ahead as planned. This puts Vicky and Aunt Ida right in the line of danger.

Will Vicky and Aunt Ida be able to stay safe and solve the murder in time? Will the relationship between Deputy Sheriff Mitchell and Vicky blossom or will the mean, by-the-book Sheriff McDonnell stand in their way?
I'm giving Murdering the Roses by Cindy Bell a rating of 2 stars out of 5 stars.

Until my next post, happy reading!!

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