Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Where Do YOU Talk to Strangers About Books??

I found a great article on BuzzFeed titled 14 Places To Talk To A Stranger About Books by Julie Greicius. I immediately thought of places to talk to strangers  about books, which included a bus stop, while on the bus, at a library or a bookstore... All of these locations and more were mentioned in Julie Greicius' article.

Where do YOU talk to strangers about books??


  1. Well... in the real world (not on the internet) one time I was in Barnes and Nobles and this guy just started talking to me about this sci-fi series he read. I mean he was serious about it! I don't usually talk to anyone in the library because I am in and out since my books are on hold. And now with the library app where you can read magazines on an ereader I don't even go in there and sit and read magazines anymore. Kind of sad really....

    1. I usually come across people reading in public places like the beach, a park or a coffeehouse and I'll usually chat with them about what they're reading and if they like what they're reading if I have a moment.