Friday, December 6, 2013

Laid Bare by Cathryn Fox

eBook Erotica Novella
Laid Bare is my first experience reading anything written by Cathryn Fox

I enjoyed reading this erotica novella about a mermaid named, Ella, who comes ashore to fall in love with the man who captivated her heart for the past fifteen years! Laid Bare is a quick read that I finished off in a couple of hours.

Excerpt as follows from Cathryn Fox's website:
Ella, a mermaid from Dualii, a kingdom deep below the sea, has returned to the quaint coastal town of Crystal Cove, Nova Scotia, a place where she'd once saved a drowning boy. Except when she sees the teenager from her past, she knows he is anything but a boy. He is a man, one who taunts her body and heart in the most inexplicable ways and has her questioning her very future.

As he stands naked beneath the full moon Ella knows she must have him—before she returns home and succumbs to her arranged marriage. Despite the rules set in place for her kind, rules to protect the identity of her people, she decides a blatant seduction is in order. With her body beckoning his touch, Ella lays herself bare as everything inside her urges her to experience his personal brand of lovemaking—just once—before she wipes his mind of their encounter and returns to her underground world forever.
The writing in Laid Bare was well done. I enjoyed the storyline and character development in Laid Bare and would recommend it to those who like reading erotica novellas and of course, a storyline pertaining to mermaids!

I'd give Laid Bare an overall rating of 4 stars out of 5 stars.

Until my next post, happy reading!!

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