Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Bookstore at the Vedanta Temple in Santa Barbara

The Bookstore at the Vedanta Temple, Santa Barbara
I love visiting bookstores. I visited The Bookstore at the Vedanta Temple in Santa Barbara, California earlier this week.

First off let me say that both the temple and the bookstore are off the beaten path... But don't let that stop you from visiting The Bookstore at the Vedanta Temple!

Vedanta Temple
What struck me the most about both the Vedanta Temple & Bookstore is the beautiful landscape surrounding both buildings. The architecture of each building is amazing and the view of the Pacific Ocean off in the distance is amazing. What a peaceful place to visit and hang out in.

I learned the following information from the about page from The Bookstore at the Vedanta Temple website:
Quietly nestled against a scenic mountain range, the Vedanta center in Santa Barbara overlooks the Pacific ocean. A convent of seven nuns oversees the maintenance of the 45-acre property, manages the bookstore and facilitates public activities at the temple. Activities include daily worship, meditation and vesper services, Sunday lectures, and pujas (special worship services).

Dedicated in 1956, the temple has received several awards for its design, and is a special point of interest for architects from around the world. The temple is open daily to the public.

The Bookstore at the Vedanta Temple is located next to the temple. It is well-stocked with religious classics and hard-to-find books on the major religions of the world. The store also carries incense, religious statues, music and imported gifts.
The Bookstore at the Vedanta Temple looks like it is located inside a former residence. The bookstore offers beautiful views of the surrounding property. I enjoyed perusing the two rooms filled with books, cashmere shawls, jewelry, clothing, singing bowls and other decorative elements. The selection of items offered for sale was awesome. Also, the staff on hand was friendly and knowledgeable. I enjoyed my visit to The Bookstore at the Vedanta Temple in Santa Barbara!
Beautiful Bell

The Bookstore at the Vedanta Temple Store Hours: 

Monday -Saturday 11:00am to 5:00pm
Sunday 10:00am to 1:00pm
Closed on Wednesdays

Telephone & Fax Numbers:

805.565.0837 (fax) 

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