Sunday, December 22, 2013

Are YOU a Writer? Do You Want to Live in Detroit, Michigan?

I came across another article on the Huffington Post website titled Write A House Is Giving Writers Free Homes In Detroit by Ashley Woods. In the article, Woods writes the following:
Think of it as a writers-in-residence program ... one that never has to end.

A new Detroit nonprofit called Write A House has figured out something to do with Detroit's thousands and thousands of vacant and blighted homes -- fix them up and give them to writers.
So, how are writers selected you may be wondering? Woods writes the following in her article:
Write A House will accept applications from working, "low-income" writers in the spring, who will be asked to send writing samples and a letter of intent. The judges include former National Poet Laureate Billy Collins, poet Major Jackson, writer and filmmaker Dream Hampton and editor of the Farrar, Straus & Giroux publishing house Sean McDonald. Writers from all over the world, or living just a few miles away, are all encouraged to apply.

If they win, they'll call Detroit home for at least the next two years. Writers will lease the homes from the nonprofit, a small amount to cover taxes and insurance. If they stay for 24 months, they'll be awarded the deed -- and Detroit will count another resident to its comeback.

Click on above link to read Ashley Woods' entire article and also click on the Write A House link above to learn more about applying for one of the homes in Detroit.

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