Tuesday, November 26, 2013

One Reader's Journey to Read 197 Books in One Year

I discovered an article on PRI titled One reader, 197 books, one year to finish them all. I decided to read this article because, quite frankly I've never been able to read 197 books in one year, not even close... But the article is so much more than simply reading 197 books in one year. It's also about one women's desire to read a book from each country around the world.

The following quote comes from the above mentioned article found on PRI:
Well, for Ann Morgan, journalist and author in the UK, that question turned into a year-long, intensive experiment. She decided to read a book from every country in the world. And to do it in one year.
"I looked at my bookshelves after someone made a comment making me think about my reading habits. And I suddenly realized that all the books on the bookshelves were by British or American writers. There really wasn't much else. A few Australian writers maybe, a couple of Indian novels, but nothing else really," she says.
That's how she came up with the challenge to read a book from every country.
Like, Ann Morgan, I've read mostly books from a select group of countries. I have expanded my reading circle to include books from other countries in the past decade. But, I have not even come close to reading something written by an author from every country that inhabits our planet.

Checkout Ann Morgan's blog A Year of Reading the World for more details!

Until my next post, happy reading!

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