Saturday, November 2, 2013

Ho-Ho-Ho Read-A-Thon ~ November 7th-11th 2013

The holidays are swiftly approaching! Before you know it, they'll be upon us. I really enjoy celebrating the holidays with family and friends. I also enjoy reading holiday themed books as well this time of year. 

However, the only drawback about the upcoming holidays is that I have less time to devote to reading books from the Thanksgiving holiday through the end of the year with all the busyness of prepping for the holidays and spending time with loved ones.

The good news this year is that I discovered the Ho-Ho-Ho Read-A-Thon hosted by Kimba at Caffeinated Book Reviewer & Jennifer at Bawdy Book Blog. 

I have quite a few books that fall into the 'holiday themed reading material' to choose from in my current reading collection. It's just a matter of narrowing the field and deciding which ones I want to read the most during the five days the Ho-Ho-Ho Read-A-Thon takes place.

So, what will my reading goal be during the Ho-Ho-Ho Read-A-Thon ? Good question! I'm going to choose three book titles to read in five days. This may be an OVERLY AMBITIOUS GOAL for me, as I'm not sure I can read that many books in five days!

The book titles I've selected (or should I say attempting to read??) to read for the Ho-Ho-Ho Read-A-Thon are as follows:

1) Christmas Cookie Murder by Leslie Meier

2) The Chocolate Snowman Murders by Joanna Carl

3) An O'Brien Family Christmas by Sherryl Woods

So, join me by participating in the Ho-Ho-Ho Read-A-Thon! Click on the above link to sign up for the Ho-Ho-Ho Read-A-Thon, link your blog to their website, and post your reading goals for the read-a-thon on your blog. Oh, and don't forget to snag one of their fancy buttons to also add to your blog as well!

Until my next post, happy reading folks!


  1. How can I contact you regarding a book review?

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    2. Hi Charlene,

      Thank for your post and welcome to my book blog! As you can tell, I love to read books and enjoy posting book reviews and just about anything book related to my blog.

      You asked me how to contact me about a book review. I can only assume that you'd like me to read one of your books and then post a review about it here on my blog.

      I visited both your blog and website and was unable to find a way to contact you via either site. Give me your email and I'd be happy to contact you. Thanks and kind regards!

  2. I am excited about this readathon too!! So glad I found it... I need to get some books finished!

    1. I'm excited about this read-a-thon too. I also have books I'm currently reading and am hoping to finish by the time the Ho-Ho-Ho Read-A-Thon!!