Thursday, July 25, 2013

Mystral Murder by Lee Hanson

I read Mystral Murder by Lee Hanson in the last couple of months and am finally playing catch up with writing book reviews!

Ms. Hanson is a new author to me and 'Mystral Murder' is the first novel I've read by her. 'Mystral Murder' is a cozy mystery novel and is the third 
mystery novel to feature body language expert, Julie O'Hara.

I was initially drawn to 'Mystral Murder' because it is a cozy mystery novel, which is a genre I enjoy reading for fun. I was also drawn to this novel because the story line took place on a cruise ship. It also didn't hurt that I received the eBook version of this book for free!

'Mystral Murder' was an okay read for me. Not great, not horrible, but somewhere in the middle. The lead character, Julie O'Hara, is a body language expert, so she makes for a good detective. I liked her character a lot. I also liked the story line's premise, but some of the characters and how the story played out weren't that great. 

Here's a book description of 'Mystral Murder' from Lee Hanson's website:
For body language expert Julie O’Hara, writing a book called “Clues” had seemed like a logical next-step in her career, but she had never thought past the writing part. Catapulted into the spotlight by the book’s success, Julie is caught up in a whirlwind of publicity, the latest being a seminar aboard Holiday Cruise Lines gigantic ship, Mystral. It’s grin-and-bear-it time for Julie, until a woman she meets at the exclusive Captain’s Dinner takes a header overboard. Julie thinks back and realizes there was a lot of motive for murder spread around the Captain’s table…
Until my next post, happy reading!!

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