Friday, July 12, 2013

Ever Wonder What Famous Authors Dislike??

I just read an article on BuzzFeed titled 12 Things Famous Authors Absolutely Hated by Erin La Rosa. It was interesting to learn about the things authors hated!

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  1. Authors are just like anyone else - and somehow the public seem to think they don't have any taste in life or what they want out of their own lives; strange but true.

    And being a writer, I have a few dislikes that are strong. I hate organised religion, politics and talking about money and wealth; simply because my folks told me never to talk about these in mixed company. However, whenever somebody brings them up, it does cause fights and disagreements - even if I don't say anything.
    Besides, I when I do hear them come into the conversation, and I'm asked my opinion, I immediately back out of it as fast as I can - I don't say anything the moment any of them are brought up just to cover my butt.