Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Diaries of Adam & Eve by Mark Twain

I recently came across the eBook version of The Diaries of Adam & Eve by Mark Twain on Amazon for 99 cents. For clarification purposes, 'The Diaries of Adam & Eve' is more of a novella rather than a full length novel.

I really enjoyed reading 'The Diaries of Adam & Eve' as Mark Twain has a unique perspective and humorous way of telling a story! 'The Diaries of Adam & Eve' is told through a series of diary entries from a she said/he said perspective. 

The diary entries begin with Eve's narration of events where she thinks of herself as an 'experiment'. Her entries are long and she has a wonderful mastery of language. She's very intuitive and embraces the world around her. 

Adam's diary entries, by contrast, are short entries. He seems to be more reclusive, set in his ways, and wants nothing to do with Eve whatsoever at the start of 'The Diaries of Adam & Eve'. Also, Adam's intuitive skills and language skills seem less masterful in comparison with Eve's skills.

I had a good laugh at Adam trying to figure out what species 'Cain' and 'Abel' were!! He starts out thinking that Cain is a fish and wants to throw him in the water to see if he can swim, but Eve won't let Adam test his theory out. As Cain grows bigger, Adam then decides Cain is a kangaroo, then a bear who might be dangerous, and so on, until he finally figures out that both 'Cain' and 'Abel' are the same species that he is. In my opinion, Adam's diary entries about what he thinks 'Cain' and 'Abel' are, were the funniest moments in this novella.

Eve's diary entries become less frequent with the appearance of 'Cain' and 'Abel'. By the end of 'The Diaries of Adam & Eve', Adam & Eve are in very much in love with one another.

I really enjoyed reading 'The Diaries of Adam & Eve' and would recommend this novella to all Mark Twain fans and to all those who would enjoy reading a different take on Adam & Eve.

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