Friday, February 3, 2023

Little Free Library is Launching an Indigenous Library Program!!

It's no secret that I LOVE LITTLE FREE LIBRARIES!! I was excited to recently learn online via Book Riot's website that LITTLE FREE LIBRARY TO LAUNCH AN INDIGENOUS LIBRARY PROGRAM. In the above article, I learned the following information:
Little Free Library is launching the Indigenous Library Program this spring. The new program will distribute LFL book-sharing boxes to tribal lands and other Indigenous communities. Boxes will be shipped to volunteer stewards for free and will come with two sets of books — one set will feature 25 books written and/or illustrated by BIPOC authors and another 25 books will center Indigenous people.

The new program has an advisory group consisting of educators, authors, and librarians, most of whom are Indigenous, all of whom have a long history serving Indigenous communities. The program aims to “strengthen community, inspire readers, expand easy book access, support positive literacy outcomes, and make little free libraries available in high-need locations serving Indigenous peoples.”

What an exciting new program to promote literacy and so much more within the indigenous community!! 


  1. Excellent news! LFLs are one of the best ideas to come along for a while and it's great that the will be reaching out to Indigenous communities.