Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Book and Bed in Tokyo, Japan!!

I adore independent bookstores, especially unique indie bookstores. I've read about bookstores with cafes inside them, book bars, outdoor bookstores and more. I've even been to a few unique indie bookstores over the years myself.

I've recently read about a bookstore in Tokyo, Japan called Book and Bed, that is both a bookstore and a hostel! This place sounds/looks interesting and I would even like to visit Book and Bed sometime down the road.

Below is a short, 75 second video I watched via YouTube about Book and Bed. Enjoy!

I also discovered the online images below of the interior of Book and Bed for those that don't want to watch the above video.

Book and Bed looks like an interesting place to visit! As a book lover, would you stay there overnight for the fun of it? I think I'd stay for a single night at Book and Bed simply for the unique experience.

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