Wednesday, November 24, 2021

The Tutor by Bonnie Dee

I've read and reviewed two other novels written by Bonnie Dee here on my blog; both of which I enjoyed very much. I've been meaning to read more of Bonnie Dee's works ever since.

With that in mind, I decided to listen to the unabridged audio version of The Tutor by Bonnie Dee and narrated by Ruri Carter. The Tutor by Bonnie Dee is a combination of three major genres (historical fiction, Gothic romance, and gay fiction), which made for an interesting, enjoyable listening experience overall.

Leading character, Graham Cowrie worked as a typesetter before coming across an advertisement to be a tutor for 9 year old twin boys at an estate in Yorkshire, England. He fakes his background and references to obtain the teaching position as he has never taught before. Graham comes from a working class background versus being from the upper class society, which plays into his doubts as to whether he can pull off being a credible tutor.

Becoming adjusted to life as a tutor starts out fairly rough for Graham due to many factors. The twin boys have lost their mother to a tragic death and also the master of estate, Sir Richard, isn't exactly a friendly figure at the start of the novel... Additionally, the rest of the household staff members aren't very welcoming towards Graham. Also, the eerie and foreboding sensations of otherworldly entities that seem to haunt the estate make it difficult for Graham to adjust to his role as the new tutor to the twin boys.

Despite Graham's rocky start and doubts about his ability to be a good tutor to the boys, Graham soon makes headway with the boys. He also makes headway with their widowed father, Richard, as both Graham and Richard begin an lurid affair halfway into the novel.

Then there is the evil spirit/presence that haunts the estate and the people that live there, which Graham picks up on early in the book and tries to figure out what exactly is happening. Graham has a feeling this evil spirit/presence has something to do with the death of Richard's wife and why the boys act so strangely towards their father since their mother's death.

For me, The Tutor by Bonnie Dee was a very predictable and very formulaic read. In the end, everything works out for the best and there is a very happy ending for all involved. If you want a lightweight read to pass the time, then The Tutor by Bonnie Dee is a decent read.

Listening time for The Tutor by Bonnie Dee is 7 hours, 30 minutes. 

Below is the plot summary for The Tutor by Bonnie Dee from Audible.
Gothic romance with a twist.

Elements of The Sound of Music, The Enchanted Garden, Jane Eyre, and "true" ghost hunting shows make this story feel familiar. Gay love makes it unique.

Seeing an ad for a position at a Yorkshire estate, typesetter Graham Cowrie decides to make an upward career move by passing himself off as a tutor. How hard can it be to teach a few subjects to a pair of nine-year-old boys? But on his arrival at the ancient house, he finds the staff creepy, the twins odd, and the widowed master temporarily absent.

His first meeting with brooding, stern, but oh-so-attractive Sir Richard doesn't go well, but with no other prospects vying for the teaching position, Graham manages to keep it. His mission soon becomes clear: break down the walls of reserve both father and sons have erected, and attempt to bridge the gap between them.

But strange sounds, sights, and experiences keep Graham on edge until he finally admits the Hall is haunted by two entities with very different agendas. Graham works to appease one and combat the other, while protecting the broken family he's grown to care for.
I am giving The Tutor by Bonnie Dee a rating of 2.5 stars out of 5 stars.

Until my next post, happy reading!!


  1. It doesn't really sound like something I would enjoy. I'll probably give this one a miss.

    1. Yes, too many good books out there to reads one of no interest to you!