Monday, March 1, 2021

Women of Science Tarot by Massive Science (Tarot Deck Review)


Women of Science Tarot by Massive Science is a relatively new tarot deck that was published by MIT Press in September 2020. 

In December 2020, I watched a wonderful live author event hosted by MIT Press, which featured the authors of Women of Science Tarot. I enjoyed watching the event so much, that I purchased the Women of Science Tarot by Massive Science deck right away for my personal collection as an early holiday gift.

Women of Science Tarot by Massive Science is a beautiful edition to any tarot collection. Like any traditional tarot deck, there are a total of 78 cards in the Women of Science Tarot deck, which breaks down to 22 major arcana cards and 56 minor arcana cards. There are also four suits within the minor arcana of the Women of Science Tarot deck just like any other traditional tarot deck... However, the four suits in the Women of Science Tarot deck are called; nano (cups), micro (wands), macro (pentacles), and astro (swords). These names were given to reflect the wide range of scientific fields of study. Additionally, the words in parentheses found next to nano, micro, macro, and astro, are the traditional names given to the suits in the minor arcana.

The tarot cards themselves found within the Women of Science Tarot deck are pretty much the same size you'll find in most tarot decks. The card stock for this tarot deck is also nice and sturdy, not flimsy. The card stock is matte, not glossy, and the cards shuffle easily.

I L-O-V-E the artwork for the Women of Science Tarot deck!! There's enough imagery and color on each tarot card without making each card look too busy. 

I also enjoyed the 94 page guidebook for the Women of Science Tarot deck... No useless, little white paper pamphlet that comes with many tarot decks. I also love the fact that this tarot deck doesn't come in a tuck box!! The guidebook and deck are contained within a two piece, sturdy box to protect both the deck and guidebook.

The guidebook itself gives an introduction to the Women of Science Tarot deck and discusses the following:

1. How to give a 5 minute reading with the major arcana alone
2. How to give a 20 minute reading using the entire deck or with just the major arcana
3. A very brief introduction to the major arcana and the role it plays
4. A definition of each major arcana card and how to read each card in the upright or reversed positions
5. An explanation of the minor arcana's role and the meaning of each of the suits, along with the meanings of cards 1-10 + court cards.
6. Lastly, each card in the minor arcana features a specific woman scientist. A definition of each card is given in terms of its meaning within tarot + a brief biography of the woman scientist displayed on each card.

So, in many ways the Women of Science Tarot deck follows the traditional tarot deck. However, it is a unique deck that may not resonate with many traditional tarot deck lovers (i.e. the suits are given different names, it contains all women scientists on the minor arcana, etc.)... In fact, I've read a couple of negative reviews of this deck stating that it isn't a 'real' tarot deck or there isn't enough diversity among the women scientists featured and so on. However, I feel that the Women of Science Tarot by Massive Science is very much indeed a 'real' tarot deck and can be used for tarot readings. Opinions may vary. 

I am myself a newbie to the world of tarot. I'm still trying to learn the meanings of each tarot card and also figure out how to perform accurate tarot readings. I need to be devoting more time to studying/learning the tarot to become proficient at reading various tarot spreads. I simply need to make some study goals for myself and eke out some time in the future to gain a more in depth knowledge of reading tarot cards.

Below is a short video I discovered on YouTube. It is a flip through of the Women of Science Tarot by Massive Science to give you an idea of what each card in this tarot deck looks like. Enjoy!

I am giving Women of Science Tarot by Massive Science a rating of 5 stars out of 5 stars.

Until my next post, happy reading!


  1. So cool! Good luck with your studies. If you ever want to give me a reading, I would accept! I admire women scientists.

    1. Thank you!! I'll be happy to give readings when I become much more proficient. I also admire women scientists.

  2. Oh man!
    I was really into tarot cards in my late teenage years! I bought a beautiful deck but I had to hide it from my Catholic mom. Eventually, these ended up in the trash.

    1. Sad to heart you had to hide your tarot deck and eventually they ended up in the trash! Have you ever thought about using tarot cards again now? There are some pretty awesome tarot decks out there these days.

  3. An eclectic collection as always - thanks!

    1. Thank you for stopping by and leaving me a comment. Yes, I am always listening to or reading many different books from many different genres.