Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Virtual book launch for Unspeakable Acts by Sarah Weinman in conversation with Casey Cep

Yesterday, I attended another virtual author event!!

I finished reading Sarah Weinman's book
The Real Lolita this past Saturday. Later that same day, I learned through Ms. Weinman's website that she was coming out with 
a new true crime book titled, Unspeakable Acts
which was published yesterday. 

Independent bookstore Books Are Magic was hosting the book launch for Unspeakable Acts. So I was able to hear Sarah Weinman in conversation with author, Casey Cep, via Zoom. 
This was the first time I used Zoom, which I found easy to use.

Whoop, whoop, what a fun virtual event to attend!!
I enjoyed the dialogue between both authors. I am so glad that
I decided to attend this free, hour long online event.


  1. Sounds great. Glad you enjoyed.

  2. How fun! It's pretty neat that you were able to attend an author event after reading their book!

    1. Yes, so fortuitous that I was able to attend an author event after reading one of their books.

  3. What a great idea. And I've just recently read about Weinman's book. It sounds very interesting.

    1. It's been a fun experience to attend online author events. I have several online author/bookish events I plan to attend next month.