Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Rakestraw Books "Live at Home!" with Gail Tsukiyama

YES, Yes, yes, to attending another virtual author event online yesterday evening! I'm so thrilled that our local independent bookstore is hosting these "Live at Home!" author events to prevent myself from having cabin fever too badly.

I've wanted to read a novel by Gail Tsukiyama since the mid to late 1990s, but have not made the time to achieve this reading goal yet. Luckily, I received a paperback arc of Gail Tsukiyama's latest novel, The Color of Air, earlier this year through the Goodreads Giveaway program. 

Below is a brief biography of Gail Tsukiyama from Wikipedia:
Gail Tsukiyama is an American novelist from San Francisco, California, USA. She was one of nine fiction authors to appear during the first Library of Congress National Book Festival. Her works include Women of the Silk (1991), The Samurai’s Garden (1995), Night of Many Dreams (1998), The Language of Threads (1999), Dreaming Water (2002), The Street of a Thousand Blossoms (2007), and A Hundred Flowers (2012). She is currently writing The Color of Air, which will be released in July 2020.
Tsukiyama was born in San Francisco, to a Japanese father and a Chinese mother. She attended San Francisco State University, where she received both her Bachelor of Arts Degree and a Master of Arts Degree in English with an emphasis in creative writing. She lives in El Cerrito, California, and works as a part-time lecturer for San Francisco State University and a freelance book-reviewer for the San Francisco Chronicle.

Tsukiyama is an alumna of the Ragdale Foundation.
Last night's "Live at Home!" author event included Gail Tsukiyama reading the first chapter of her new novel, The Color of Air. This was then followed by a conversation between Gail Tsukiyama and her friend and author, Karen Joy Fowler. It was a nice discussion between good friends. I learned that it took Gail Tsukiyama roughly 7 years to write The Color of Air!! And lastly, the conversation between Gail Tsukiyama  and Karen Joy Fowler was followed by a questions and answers session by viewers.

Now that I have heard Gail Tsukiyama speak at this particular "Live at Home!" author event, I'll have to make some time to read her new novel, The Color of Air, which sounds like a wonderful historical fiction novel set in Hawaii.

All in all, I enjoyed Rakestraw Books "Live at Home!" with Gail Tsukiyama despite the audio quality not being the greatest and the video quality was also lacking a bit initially too.


  1. Ooh...never heard of this book or this author. I will need to check her out.

    1. Thank you for stopping by and leaving me a comment.

  2. I have read The Street of a Thousand Blossoms. Her new book sounds like a good one. Historical fiction in Hawaii? Not much better than that.

    1. Glad you've read one of Gail Tsukiyama's novels.

      Yes, her new novel is set in Hawaii... And I'm so wishing for a vacation right now to Hawaii (or anywhere really!!), but alas with COVID-19 raging right now, it isn't possible.