Sunday, August 19, 2018

Top 10 Artificial Humans In Fiction

I came across an article on The Guardian's website titled, 
From Frankenstein to Pinocchio: top 10 artificial humans in fiction. In the article, I read the following information:
The story of man trying to compete with the gods in creating a living being is one of the earliest tales. These narratives about effigies brought to life, homunculi, golems, reanimated corpses and sentient robots invariably end in death and disaster. Still, they profess our sincere hope that if we can invent the formula for life, we might also cheat death. It might even be argued that in the end this is really the only story there is to tell of our species. If only there will be someone left to tell it.
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  1. One of my top ten of these is the golem in The Golem and the Ginni by Helene Wecker. Have you read that?