Friday, August 17, 2018

11 Biographies Of Strong Women!

Are you looking for some inspirational biographies of women?? Then check out the following article from Bustle titled, 11 Biographies Of Badass Women To Inspire You To Kick Ass, Make Good Art, And Change The World by Charlotte Ahlin. In the article, Charlotte Ahlin writes the following:

Hey. So I know that we have our "girlboss" hashtags and our Wonder Woman movie now. I know that we're all supposed to love our bodies and lean in and have perfect skin (but in a self-care way!) and wake up every morning filled with righteous anger but also be mindful and relaxed all the time. But existing in the physical world as a woman (or pretty much anyone who's not a man) is still pretty exhausting. Our current administration is careening towards a real life Handmaid's Tale and we still have to pay a tax on tampons. It's rough. We are, however, far from the first generation to have to deal with a ceaseless onslaught of woman-hating garbage. So here are a few biographies of badass women who will inspire you to be your best self, even when it's tempting to let the bastards grind you down.
These women run the gamut from activists to scientists, poets to literal queens. Some of them have helped shape the world as we know it today. Some of them just said "screw it" and ran off to be pirates. All of them were (or are) stone cold badasses. So the next time you want to scream, or lie face down on the floor, or chuck all of your skincare products into the sea, pick up one of these biographies and take a cue from some of history's best bad girls
Click on the very top link to discover which 11 women made the list!


  1. Wow, I have heard of some of these but haven't read any. Adding to my lists!

    1. I've added a few to my ever growing wishlist too. I have so many books to read and too little time to devote to reading it seems.