Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Protected Mate by J. H. Croix

Erotica Novella eBook
Protected Mate by J. H. Croix may not be the first book I began reading in 2018, but it is the first one I've finished reading in 2018!!

Protected Mate by J. H. Croix is a paranormal romance/erotica novella approximately 156 pages in length. It is also the first book in the Catamount Lion Shifters Series.

I was able to download Protected Mate by J. H. Croix for FREE to my Kindle from Amazon.

Below is my honest, unbiased review of Protected Mate by J. H. Croix.

Overall, I really enjoyed reading Protected Mate by J. H. Croix!! It is a very steamy, paranormal romance novella filled with good characters and decent storyline. The ending of Protected Mate by J. H. Croix felt rushed and abrupt, which is my only major complaint for this novella. 

Even though I enjoyed reading Protected Mate by J. H. Croix, I think I will skip reading the rest of the series.

As far as my reading goals go for 2018, Protected Mate by J. H. Croix is the 1st of 12 books I plan to read, which I've obtained after May 2014. 

Below is a plot summary for Protected Mate by J. H. Croix from Amazon:
Dane Ashworth, a sexy, solitary mountain lion shifter, comes from one of the founding shifter families of Catamount, a town deep in the woods of Maine where mountain lion shifters have existed in secret for centuries. The community is in turmoil after the startling death of a shifter. In the midst of upheaval in Catamount, Dane encounters the unassuming, curvy and deliciously sexy Chloe Silver.
Chloe set out to hike the famed Appalachian Trail in the aftermath of heartbreak. She’s lived a well-planned life, only to learn that the best laid plans could blow up in her face. She’s looking for a fresh start, but trust doesn’t come easily for her. The mere idea of shifters has never crossed her mind, but Dane calls to her in a way that no man ever has. She finds herself tossed and turned by the depth of her attraction to him. The mountain lion in Dane knows Chloe is meant for him, but he has to find a way to earn her trust and make her believe in him and in what lies between them. Passion burns like wildfire between them while events in Catamount put them both in danger. In a love story filled with passion, steamy romance, adventure, betrayal and secrets, Chloe will have to decide if she can accept Dane for who he is, and if she’s willing to believe in the power of love.
I am giving Protected Mate by J. H. Croix a rating of 4 stars out of 5 stars! 

Until my next post, happy reading!


  1. It sounds intriguing even though that is not a genre I normally read. I do believe in the power of love!

    1. I am a sucker for romance! These type of books are perfect light reading... Or when one needs a break from heavier reads.